Welcome to the NPSO Website

An Introduction to the NPSO

This is the interim website for the NPSO Limited which has been set up to develop the capability and capacity of the UK's retail payment systems.

The NPSO maintains and develops the payment systems and standards which are the lifeblood of the UK economy. We are the leading authority for payments, working in the public interest to ensure the payment systems the UK relies on for its banking are safe, open, innovative and resilient.

Every day, individuals and businesses use the services we provide to get their salaries, pay their bills and make online and mobile banking payments. We move more than £6.4 trillion every year, through Bacs Direct Credit, Direct Debit, Faster Payments, and Paym.

Our vision for the future is to enable a vibrant UK economy with the NPSO as the leading payment authority in the UK, delivering the best in class payment infrastructure and standards in the UK for the benefit of people everywhere.

Bacs Payment Schemes Limited, and Faster Payments Scheme Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of NPSO Limited, which was incorporated on 18 July 2017 as a company limited by guarantee. The Cheque & Credit Clearing Company Limited and UK Payments Administration Limited will join the NPSO later in 2018.

If you would like to know more about NPSO, or have a press or media related query, please follow the link in the menu above to contact us.

About the NPSO: Factsheet

This factsheet provides an introduction to the NPSO's role and responsibilities, and sets out its planned approach to working with stakeholders to improve the UK's payment services.​ ​Click here​ to preview it.